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About Us

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Unsafe food and water has been a human health problem and many food safety problems encountered today are not new. Even though government is doing the best in improving the safety, the incidence of disease remains a significant health concern. Early identification of pathogen and detection of other food contaminants can prevent diseases.
Kalyani Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Established during 2005. We have started and operating with a goal to sincerely cater to daily testing needs of our esteemed clients. We are equipped with all sophisticated equipments to test heavy metals (As, F-, Se & other heavy metals), pesticides, pathogenic microbes, drugs and antibiotic residues and other contaminants. We are working hard to develop this laboratory to as modern as any other testing lab in the country and would be able to conduct tests for any unwanted matter (banned residues, contaminants and chemicals) that could harm the consumer.

We are committed to render customer with best and reliable services in accordance to national/international/customer specific standards and good professional practices with continual improvement of system and services.


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Our excellent team is ready to be part of your team to work into the different areas of diagnoses. Scientists helping scientists.
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